Full scale Airbus A320 simulator

Unique of its kind in Sweden. Airbus original parts. 180° vision.

- Do you need to prepare for a simulator check?
- Due to the pandemic, have you been away from work for a long time and need to prepare for the return?
- Do you need to keep up to date?

OFFER RIGHT NOW: 1000 SEK discount

For private person: 2000 SEK/timme incl. VAT
For companies: 2000 SEK/timme excl. VAT

Ordinary price:
For private person: 3000 SEK/timme incl. VAT
For companies: 3000 SEK/timme excl. VAT

We work with the greatest focus on a high level of flexibility so you will get the best training according to your needs.

To book a time slot
Contact Us info@flyby.se or +46 703-213322.
Technical information
For full specification from the manufacturer.

- Great for system training / system understanding (eg downgrading of Flight Control laws)
- Good complement before / during a type rating
- SOP training
- Checklists, QRH, FCOM
- CRM/Two-pilot system
- Full PBN
- Low Visibility training (CAT II/III/, autoland)
- ECAM and error handling, in all systems
- Procedure training
- Training memory items (all Airbus)
- EASA FNPT II MCC (generic) CAA-approved
- Over 800 ECAM items
- IAE/CFM/LEAP engines
- Possibility to "order" LOFT scenario
- Tablets with access to plates

Contact Us at info@flyby.se or +46 703-213322 for more information

"Our Airbus A320 simulator is a full-scale simulator built from original parts. It is very authentic and therefore it works great when you want to train before a check pass or an interview. Airlines also use it for their assessments. Incredibly valuable and cost effective!"

- Linda Ynner, CEO FlyBy